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  • Why One Pagan Ruler Forbid Christians from Teaching Pagan Classics by M. G. Bianco
    I need to tell a story, a true story from our own history. This story will help us to answer some questions we have about the content which we use to educate our children. It may also shed some light on the decisions that our government makes with regard to education. A question very frequently arises about the content that classical, Christian education pursues. The question is famously worded as, "What hath Athens to do with Jerusalem?" It is also asked as whether Christians should read or study the pagans or the pagan classics.

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  • Ten Ways to Destroy the Intelligence of Your Child by M. G. Bianco
    1. Away with Memory, or: "That's Why We Have Calculators and Google." I didn't memorize facts in school and I turned out okay. Trust me. I take the time necessary to whip out my smart phone and pull up the calculator app, or open the browser and navigate to Google, so why should my child be able to calculate 14 x 13 in his head when I don't have to? Why should he-without Google-be able to tell me when the fall of Rome happened? It's not fair and I don't need him showing me up. Certainly you don't want your child showing you up anymore than I do. Forbid memorization. Not only will he not be able to recite facts quicker than you, but he won't be creative either.

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  • Why Study Latin-The Student's View by Anna Harvey
    Have you ever been mistaken in a belief? For years I thought learning Latin was a waste of my time. I have recently come to realize that learning Latin is anything but a waste of time; it makes me a better person. There are three different aspects to consider as to why this is the case. First, learning Latin has a utilitarian purpose. Second, learning Latin helps me understand the world more thoroughly. And third, learning Latin is satisfying.

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